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SHELLEYOFRPS presents her eleventh character psd.

This is super a simple character psd that I made in no time because the idea just came to me. There’s really not much to say about it. I did not include a gradient because I didn’t think it worked. The fonst are Courier New, Times New Roman and Digs My Hart. If you have any questions just let me know.
  • Don’t redistribute/steal
  • Don’t make an exact copy from scratch and post it; that’s still stealing
Please click that little heart if you use it or just reblog it if you wanna share it. Download HERE.
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Here’s a requested gif hunt. You can find around the ### gifs here, used for roleplaying or for criminal/gang roleplays. Please like or reblog if this helpful. There’s a trigger warning for guns, etc. So please don’t view if you don’t like guns and criminal things. (I apologize for the many Vanessa/Ashley/Selena gifs)


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Nicola Peltz Gif Hunt

Under the cut you'll find 65+ HQ, small/medium gifs of NICOLA PELTZ. None of these gifs are mine, all credit goes to the owners. Please like/reblog if this helped you.


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Josh Hutcherson at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

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“Film is an avenue that I really want to explore more. I’ve learned that my personality is quite impulsive and spontaneous, so the idea that I could play a character for six months and then play something else immediately after is really appealing to me.”

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Requested by anon, I will be making a guide on how to review and accept your applications. This guide will explain the core things that admins should look into while accepting applications and deciding which player should be selected to bring to life a written character. This will also be especially helpful when it comes down to having more than one person apply for a role and you can’t decide which will portray the character better. Please like/reblog if this helped you in any way. 

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