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So this how-to is an explanation of all the signs, which signs are compatible, and why those certain traits create such good chemistry. This should be helpful for bio writing and ship rps! 

♡ Part One: Astrological Signs Explained ♡

So astrological signs, or horoscopes, are the creature and traits that correspond to the time of year you were born. For example, my birthday is April 23 so my sign is a Taurus and some of the main traits of a Taurus are being stubborn, charismatic, and creative. Not to be cocky or rude, but I think those are two of my strengths and one of my weaknesses so it describes me pretty well. So, I’d be pretty compatible with a Pisces because they’re more introverted and go with the flow while I’m more extraverted and persistant. The two contrasting signs balance each other into a good match. All people are different but a lot of times, the horoscopes do play a part in compatibility.

♡Part Two: All Horoscopes & Their Traits ♡

So in this section I’m going to list all of the zodiac signs and their traits so you can get a feel for each sign. I researched these from a bunch of different websites and rewrote descriptions in my own words. Compatibility will be in Part Three.


Aquarius is one of the air signs and most of the people born in this time frame are emotionally detached, have a strong personality, and are extremely likable people. Aquarius’s are extremely independent people who’d flee if someone tried to hold them down or restrict them. They’re aloof and never get too emotionally attached, preferring to be flighty and free. They don’t look at things practically, rather they deviate from the crowd and find their own unequivocal way to do things. They don’t like to over think things, preferring to just smile and move on. They’re very bright and amazing at working with others. In a relationship they’re extremely devoted and want complete openness; if they’re betrayed, they’ll stay away foreverThey don’t want to talk about emotions or commitment, rather common interests.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Aries, Gemini, Taurus, & Libra.


Pisces are known as a morphing sign, and the most abstract out of the whole Zodiac. They’re very sensitive, peaceful and willing to help others. Yet, they’re idealists and not very realistic. They let others lead them even though they don’t like being told what to do by people who think they’re superior, which makes them so complex. Pisces are creative but without a dominant figure in their life to lead them, they can get lost in the clouds. They’re sensitive and loyal friends who’d take on a friend’s pain and suffer as if it was their own. Their feelings often dictate their behavior. They’d be terrible managers but a good member of a team. In love, they give their heart purely to their partner and end up giving more than they receive. They care more about a spiritual union than a sexual one and end up letting their partners manipulate them.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, & Taurus. 


Aries are represented by the ram which corresponds with their impulsive side. They’re extremely independent and not afraid to be the brave one. Although impulsive, Aries’ are amazing friends that are caring and generous. They hate being told they’ve done something wrong and will get childish and upset if told they’re being that way. Aries are adventurous and will always love being the center of attention. They’re a fire sign which makes them passionate and heated during arguments or relationships. Behind their independent front lies insecurity and too much pressure placed on themselves to succeed. In love, Aries’ will be extremely passionate, loyal and demand that faithfulness in return. They’re fantastic lovers and see their lover as their best friend as well.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Leo & Sagittarius.


Taurus men and women are represented by the bull which correlates to their extreme stubbornness and passion. Taurus’ have extreme perseverance and are willing to keep going when everyone else has given up. They’re not followers nor the leader and are happier to do things alone since they believe they can do it better themselves. They’re amazing friends who love to be hosts or hostesses, throw parties and be acknowledged for a job well done. They’re extremely charismatic, knowledgeable and enjoy a routine rather than change. They’re sensitive although they don’t show it and the slightest remark can upset them for days. In love they’re amazingly passionate, masters at seduction and  possessive of their partners. They love being intimate and things that appeal to all of the senses.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer & Pisces. 


The symbol of the Gemini sign is two twins that relate back to the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare, Athena. Gemini’s embrace freedom and change, as they need to experience the world for themselves. They’re interesting and  exciting friends that like to leave their mark on everyone they meet. They’re masters of communication and advice but they’re not ones to play the therapist and listen to other’s emotional problems. Gemini’s are very contradictory and their traits turn them into a hypocrite sometimes. They prefer to focus on tons of small tasks rather than committing and finishing one which is perhaps why their relationships are so short. They’re superficial, nervous and excited all at once. Gemini’s are the ultimate social butterflies. In love, Gemini’s love to develop feelings from a friendship. They love to talk and learn from their partner. Although they love love and affection they reject romantic gestures which puts them back at being contradictory.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Libra, Aquarius, Aries & Leo.


Cancer’s are another sign fond of contradiction. They can be entirely independent or entirely not all depending on the situation. They crave attention and closeness from others and prefer a tight-knit family and group of friends. Cancer’s are the nurturers of the Zodiac and have a lovely ability to make their friends feel cherished, loved, and good about themselves. Cancer’s will often help and support a friend’s issues but refuse to open up about their own problems. A cancer needs to be needed and their standoffish approach to emotions keeps them from having emotionally fulfilled relationship. They want security and comfort, yet they’re always seeking out a new adventure. In love Cancer’s are usually passive and sensitive and need someone who’ll understand them. They don’t open up until they’re sure they can trust their partner.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus & Virgo.


Leo’s are represented by the head of the animal kingdom which symbolizes the way Leo’s see life as their kingdom. Leo’s are the type of people who love an audience and although they’re ok doing things on their own, they’d much rather have an audience. Leo’s are enthusiastic and it draws people to them making them naturally social without effort. They don’t dwell on the past or hold grudges, preferring to move on and live in the moment. They’re natural leaders and thrive in a group setting. Leo’s love excitement and drama so they’ll occasionally stir issues up out of nowhere just for the entertainment. They’ll take matters into their own hands if it’ll save them from unhappiness. In love, Leo’s love to be complimented. They’ll fall for the person who adores them and completely pampers them. They’re passionate and often looking for new things which can cause them to be unfaithful. Leo’s love to laugh and to be charmed by their partner.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini & Libra.


Virgo is a sign of the earth and of the pure virgin and goddesses in Greek mythology. Virgos tend to be narrow-minded and it hurts their creativity. They solve problems logically because they live in their minds rather than thoughts or feelings. Virgo’s may try and control a friend’s life because in their mind, they believe they’re helping rather than just being controlling. They’re exceptionally smart and have great memories which helps them see past a person’s initial emotions to their true motives. Virgo’s over-analyze everything and end up coming off as indecisive and slow. They need to be organized and well read on everything—except their emotions. Virgos tend to convince themselves that everything’s always fine as a defense mechanism. Virgo’s tend to get lost in their heads. In love , Virgos are faithful but lack passion and excitement. They find it difficult to trust their partners because a lack in self-confidence gets projected onto others. They take relationships slow but allow  them to develop into real love.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Scorpio, Cancer & Libra.


Libras are represented by the scales, a symbol for balance. Libras love to be around others and depend on people rather than do things alone. They’re always up for new things and new friends and usually end up being the glue that keeps people together. Libra’s are exceptionally talented at seeing other people’s points of view. They have great ideas but are much too lazy to act upon them. Libra’s are very passive and rarely want anything badly enough to fight for it. Their own feelings often get lost in an effort to keep everyone else happy. They have a hard time saying no and are often pushed around. In love, Libra’s are effortlessly charming. They like doing new things with their partner because the same old routine will end up boring them. They’re very romantic and seductive people. They can be charmed with a simple conversation as long as it makes them think.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo & Sagittarius. 


Scorpios are represented by the claws of the scorpion and that high energy is shown throughout their personality. Scorpios are fiercely independent and are experts at doing anything they set their mind to. They enjoy being in control which makes relationships a complicated ordeal. They’re possessive, jealous, and have an inability to let things go. On the other hand, a kind, selfless gesture will always be remembered and admired. They strive in any position where they can make a positive change to the world. A Scorpio will always work hard to achieve their goals and their flexibility is what makes it possible. They are very capable of hiding their true feelings. In love, Scorpios are known as the most sexual of the signs and it makes them excellent lovers. They want an honest relationship with their partners. Scorpios know how to balance a challenge with a worthy reward.

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces & Capricorn.


The Sagittarius is symbolized by an archer which is a masculine fire sign. They love change and adventure and search everything for a bit of wisdom. They’re decisions will vary based on the amount of freedom the outcomes offer since commitments aren’t a welcome idea. They’re selfless friends, who have kind hearts and expect nothing in return. They’re not possessive or jealous, instead just straightforward which they expect their friends to be in return. They can be so caught in the future that they forget to think about the present. Sagittarius’s aren’t too emotionally attached to things because they just want to explore the world without worrying about emotions or feelings. In love, they can never feel like they’re completely tied to anyone. They need to keep their freedom for a relationship to thrive. They need energy and creativity in a relationship, and absolutely no mind games. 

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Aries, Leo, Libra & Aquarius.


Capricorn’s are represented by a hybrid animal with the head and body of a goat but the tail of a fish or sea monster.  Capricorn’s are very cautious, secure and can make a plan of action that’ll work. They always seem to have something on their minds that’s pulling them away from reality. They have amazing time management skills and use them to climb up to the top in all business endeavors. They never make impulsive decisions, instead, weighing all the possibilities so no unknown outcomes show up. They feel as if they need to prove their self worth and need to learn to love themselves first. In love, Capricorns seem to be melancholy so a partner that can make them laugh is one that’ll go far. They’re extremely devoted to their relationships and will be jealous if the other partner doesn’t reciprocate. 

MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces. 

♡ Part Three: The Best Pairs & Why 

From lots of research and real life comparisons, these are in my opinion, the best pairs of the Zodiac signs. Take everything with a grain of salt my friends!


Gemini’s love to talk, but not about emotions. This suits the Aquarius who tends to run if they’re being too emotionally pressed. They’re both intellectual and free spirited so they’re able to have a super stimulating mental connection. They can easily share conversation and be platforms for each other’s creativity. They’re witty, super smart, and will always be stimulating each other mentally and physically. 


Romione. Ron and Hermione. This really is the two fictional character’s Zodiac signs and wow does it describe them to a T. These two will always bring out the best in each other considering they’re opposite signs. The Virgo will be a strong place for the Pisces to come clean with their emotions and put faith in themselves while the Pisces will encourage the Virgo to be less serious and enjoy the present. There’s no stronger natural bond than the one between Virgo and Pisces which is why heated arguments are settled quickly with compromise. Just think about the way Ron and Hermione bring out the best sides of each other. That’s the ultimate Pisces/Virgo connection.


Both of these fire signs love being the center of attention which can cause for some arguments and competition but, y’know, hot makeup sex. They’re super passionate so the relationship is always exciting. They both respect each other and don’t hold grudges so arguments are never a major issue. Aries will always initiate things and the Leo will make sure to follow it through. Their passion is red-hot and make for a dynamic pairing.


These two opposites come together to balance each other’s weaknesses. They won’t always work out but when it does, it’s amazing. They’re both high in sexuality and it creates an intense attraction between the two. They both ache for security and although they come about it through possession and power, respectively, they’re both willing to make sure their partner feels secure. The planets created a romantic and sexual love creating a totally intense relationship. Once they put all their fears to the side, they’re able to have an intense, nurturing, heated relationship.


Capricorn’s are logical, down-to-earth while Cancer’s are emotional, creating a heavenly balance between realism and romantics. They both respect each other; the Capricorn finding joy in the Cancer’s persistance and the Cancer finding dedication in the Capricorn. The Cancer can pull the Capricorn out of their work and show them all the achievements they’ve unlocked because of it. If the two allow each other to use their strength’s, then the relationship will go far. They’re completely devoted to one another, share a love of fine things, and aren’t afraid to work hard to get what they want.


This combination of signs can prove to be true bliss for each partner if they play their card’s right. They have a very special connection and deep understanding of one another. The Libra serves as a great companion for the wisdom-seeking Sagittarius and keeps things fun. There’s something about the two that allows the relationship to stay fresh and exciting, while at the same time, immensely intimate, because of their natural understanding of one another. With each other, they find it easy to forgive and forget over any hurt feelings or squabbles. Libra, the air sign, helps spread Sagittarius, the fire sign, into something heated. The Sagittarius is able to keep their feeling of freedom while adapting to the Libra’s ever changing mind. They both love to learn and try new things, while depending one on another.

♡ Part Four: Conclusion/Traits 

Well I really hope this helped you get a feel for the different Zodiac signs and what their biggest strengths/weaknesses are. Remember, Zodiac signs aren’t the be all end all, merely a loose guide. I think basing a character off their sign, or elements of it, would be way cool. I created a masterlist of traits based on signs which can be found, here. Thanks for reading!

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